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PT Binamakmur Ekamandiri (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Founded in 1989, PT. Binamakmur Ekamandiri specialised in dealing with oil seals for the automotive industry.
Today, we have grown into one of the leading suppliers of seals and rubber molded parts to serve various industries in Indonesia.
Our product lines include products such as center bearings, rubber supports, oring, packing, diaphragm, vibration damper, gasket, rubber brake cup, boot, grommet, metal bonded rubber, bushing, engine mountings, etc
Our years of experience, together with the invaluable customer feedbacks have enabled us to supply specially designed seals and custom rubber parts made according to our customers’ specifications.


Menjadi produsen dan penyedia suku cadang kendaraan terkemuka di Indonesia.


Menciptakan perjalanan sehari-hari yang lebih baik untuk semua dengan menyediakan suku cadang kendaraan yang andal dengan harga terjangkau.


30 Years in Rubberparts

At PT. Binamakmur Ekamandiri we take pride in everything we produce.

Our featured products:

Rubber Support

Rubber Support will be the components installed on the top of your shock/spring combination that allows the suspension to be fixed to the vehicle body.



Center Bearing


Center bearing is engineered and constructed to ensure precise driveshaft alignment and support.
The rubber cushions provide support and absorb the vibrations from the road.


Rubber Mounting


Engine/Transmission mounts are made of rubber and steel. Their purpose is to secure the engine and transmission to the frame of the car while absorbing the road shocks and engine vibrations.





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DKI Jakarta , Indonesia



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